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There are so many bound, lost and hurting. I have witnessed the power of GOD working in the lives of many. I know that GOD can heal past hurts and pains; HE can deliver from addictions, and the underlining issues that caused it. GOD'S Word heals people from the unhealthy soul ties related to abuse, rape, sexual promiscuity, and unforgiveness.

 There is no more time to waste; people are hurting all around us; and as believers we are called to COME OUT of the walls of the church, so that others can hear about CHRIST, and COME OUT of bondage. Yes; it's time!

There is nothing greater than a life being changed; a soul being saved; a person being restored... and as a result, their children are made whole; their families come together; relationships are mended... and most of all, GOD is glorified.



Chains broken; yokes destroyed; the spiritually dead coming to life; the bound being freed; those in darkness, seeing the light... This only happens when we COME OUT of the walls of the church! COME OUT and make a difference. 



JESUS calls us to GO! HE does not call for us to stay in the walls of the church, but to go out and fish for men. Sure some people may not look like you; perhaps they have just come from the drug house; the prison cell; the corner down the street.... don't bypass them; witness to them. COME OUT of the safety of the church walls, GOD is calling for us to care for those who won't COME IN, cause they have been LEFT OUT!


Yes, it's time! You came to the altar to give your life to CHRIST; will you COME OUT of the walls to share the love of CHRIST?